Maldives is a destination of the sun, sand, sea and serenity. It is a beautiful destination with white sands, warm, clear, turquoise waters and a lovely, enjoyable weather. Maldives is a perfect example of luxury in its superlative form. With marvellous white-sand beaches and an astounding underwater world, Maldives proves to be a choice for travellers who want to experience a true holiday, creating great memories. Maldives in the past couple of years, has opened itself to tourists which makes it easy for them to live with the locals and learn their culture and lifestyles. With the ever-growing tourism, Maldives and its people are now more accessible than before.

The Maldives also called ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’ is a home to few of the most amazing beaches in the world. With every beach that you visit, you will find whiter-than-white powdery sands and scintillating aqua-blue waters like nowhere else on the earth. This fact, by itself, brings in hundreds and thousands of tourists every year to this small, remote yet stunning and a little known Indian Ocean paradise. With tourism on the rise, there are many Maldives packages that offer tours to the most popular places on the island. However, here below are few places and things to do that you must not miss when visiting the Maldives and must add these to your Maldives package.

  • Visit the beautiful city of Male: Male is a small destination on this island paradise and is also the Maldivian capital that is the mercantile heart of the nation and a densely crowded and extraordinary place. Male, as a destination gives you the best possible chance to see the real Maldives, offering you numerous places to explore. Overlooked by tall, vibrant coloured buildings and surrounded by turquoise waters, Male is a colony of activities. Not adding this destination to your Maldives package will make you miss out on a variety of activities and sightings. Male as a destination proves to be quite pleasant with alcohol-free bars and restaurants, many shops and lively markets. There a few places that Male offers its tourists to visit. A few of which are the Old Friday Mosque which is considered to be the oldest mosque in the country, the Produce Market which gives you the real flavour of the Maldives and the National Museum that holds a wonderful collection of historic artefacts. However, the highlight of this museum is a long skeleton of the rare Longman’s Baked Whale, which is yet to have been sighted alive in the sea.
  • Swim through the Reef of Manta: The Manta Reef is also known as Madivaru and is located in the south east of the atoll, at the end of a channel. This location will enable you to see some of the most majestic and exotic creatures of the ocean. You can view reef fishes some of which are the Napoleon Wrasse, Snapper and Parrotfish. Other species of water fauna that are found here are turtles, tuna and sharks. This place also offers snorkelling and diving but is most recommended for advanced divers only. For people who love water activities, this is a must add to your Maldives package when making a trip here.
  • Get on a Whale Submarine: The whale submarine is a famous excursion in the Maldives. It is one of the best ways to observe life on the reef if you do not like to go diving. This excursion proves to be best as it gives you a chance to view the marine life very closely and safely. For the non- aqua lovers, you could certainly add this to your Maldives package.
  • Visit the Hammerhead Point: Hammerhead point is also known as Rasdhoo Madivaru and is a more demanding dive on an outer reef where you will find many hammerhead sharks, mantas and other large oceanic creatures that are frequent visitors to this place. Outside this reef, the depth drops quickly and the water is very clear. The hammerhead dives generally start before dawn, giving you the best opportunity of spotting these extremely large marine creatures. This destination is known for its water sport activities and must be added to your Maldives package.

Apart from these, there are many other destinations and activities that you can add to your Maldives package, making it a memorable experience for you. However, the above destinations are a must add to your Maldives package that must be explored.