Dubai, one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates is the most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE. Developing at a rapid pace in the tourist and trade sectors, Dubai is gaining a lot of popularity. This desert city with excellent infrastructure and liberal policies makes a great vacation for shopping, sunbathing, fine dining, partying, sporting events, and so on. Considered to have the largest immigrant population in the world, Dubai still holds its culture strong. Dubai is a destination with energy and welcomes people from all over the world. Here are a few tourist spots that you must add to your Dubai package:

Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina is a man-made marina lying between Al Sufouh and Jebel Ali and is the world’s largest man-made port. This place is filled with fascinating skyscrapers and residential apartment blocks that look amazing when illuminated at night. Dubai Marina hosts the ‘Jumeirah Beach Walk’ along with a countless number of authentic restaurants, cafes, hotels and shows that keep the place crowded at all times. Dubai Marina is famous for hiring a yacht to enjoy a cruise around the place. This place offers you luxury in a superlative form and must be added to your Dubai package.

Dubai Museum: The Dubai Museum located in Al Fahidi Fort stands as a tribute to the Emirate’s history and traditional culture. This Fort is believed to be Dubai’s oldest building and was re-structured as a museum. This museum showcases traditional scenes of Arab households, mosques and old traditional markets called ‘souks’. It offers a glimpse into life in the desert and life by the sea. It also gives an insight into the local pearl diving industry which is world famous!

Downtown Dubai: Downtown Dubai is the world’s most visited destination and is a dynamic city that has Dubai’s reputation as a global city growing high. This destination must be added to your Dubai package in order for you to experience the real Dubai. Also, the world famous and world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is located at the centre of Downtown Dubai. The Dubai mall which is the world’s largest shopping and entertaining destination forms a major part of Downtown Dubai, attracting thousands of tourists to visit. The world’s tallest fountain, The Dubai Fountain is a major attraction with its sound and light shows. This show is magnificent and mesmerizes viewers. The Souk Al Bahar, a shopping and dining destination comes with an authentic Arab touch appealing its visitors. The souks are famous textiles and clothing as well as world renowned spices.

Dubai Safari: Dubai has one of the best safaris in the world and is a must visit if you’re on a Dubai package. They have a variety of safari options to choose from. Most of the itineraries for the safari include a list of things such as dune bashing and dune driving, sunset photography, camel rides, henna painting, photography with traditional costumes, the most famous belly dancing and hubblee bubble also known as shisha and a buffet.

On the whole, Dubai is a beautiful destination filled with rich Arab culture and all the superlative things like the tallest, highest, largest, biggest and so on that must be explored. There are many other destinations that Dubai offers but these are a definite must to your Dubai package.