What makes Thailand one of the best holiday destinations among travellers? Well, choosing one reason is a bit too difficult. This popular South East Asian destination offers travellers quiet islands, gorgeous beaches, unending shopping options and more. What’s more, Thailand packages are budget-friendly and offer you a wide range of tours to choose from. Come explore!

When you’re planning a holiday to Thailand, make sure you head to these delightful destinations: 

Koh Samui

In Koh Samui, you can enjoy the real Thai experience by making your way to one of the popular full moon parties that the island is famous for. A short ferry ride is all you need to enjoy some of the best beach parties known to man. If you can’t make the trip during a full moon, you needn’t worry, because half moon parties are becoming popular here as well!

Hua Hin

The private beach of Hua Hin isn’t very popular, but that’s part of its appeal. Make your way here if you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. Here you will find some of the most amazing beachfront resorts that make for a luxurious stay. Walk along the beach or just try out some water sports here.


Made up of 130 islands, this place is paradise in every form. Coral reefs, sandy beaches, waterfalls and azure beaches – you name it, Krabi has it all! Come here to escape the hustle-bustle of life and experience the sunset that will take you to another level.


Phuket is a fun stop for sure! Full of life, this place has a lot to do. Looking to party? You have Bangla Road to go to. Catch up on the ladyboy show that’s a must-see here. Laze around the beaches or pamper your senses with a relaxing Thai massage. Take off on a speed-boat experience or visit the Phi Phi Islands that’s simply out of this world.


A Thailand tour package would usually have a day here, so make the most of it! When in Bangkok, you just need to shop till you drop. Go shopping all the way – hopping from shop to shop. So much to see and so much to choose from, the list goes on and on. They offer some of the best buys here in Bangkok, so just take it away! Roam around the famous weekend market – the world’s largest market called the Chatuchak. If you have some cool bargaining skills you can get some great stuff here.

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