The Kingdom of Bhutan is an eagle’s nest in the true sense. Entirely land-locked among the mountains of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a fairly small country in Asia. The sparsely populated Bhutan is mostly laid out on steep slopes of mountains and swift rivers flows through it. The country has some diverse climatic conditions, and this has led to the country becoming home to an impressive and diverse range of animals and ecosystems.

While most Bhutan tour packages might include a visit to the capital city and the popular tourist attractions, you may want something slightly off-beat. If you’d like to visit this green country but aren’t sure about what to do there, here’s our quick guide on things you should do while visiting Bhutan:

Trek to the Tiger’s Nest

As a country that’s perfectly located in the midst of the Himalayas, it’s only obvious that you’ll find a few good trails to trek in the country. We’d suggest a Trek to the Tiger’s Nest, which takes you 8 kilometres out of the Paro Valley to the Taktsung Palphug Monastery, which is more popularly known as the Tiger’s Nest. The monastery is a holy spot for the Buddhist monks. It is built mysteriously on the side of a cliff that is 900 metres high!

Jigme Dorji National Park

Explore the rich biodiversity of Bhutan with a visit to the Jigme Dorji National Park. Spot animals like the Takin, snow leopards, tigers, and bears in the forests. The flora that you will see in the park is also quite spectacular.

Paro Valley

One of Bhutan’s most popular cities, Paro is located within the scenic Paro Valley. Here you will find gorgeous fields of wheat, barley and rice along the banks of the fast-flowing Paro River.

Dechencholing Palace

At the heart of Bhutan is the capital Thimpu, where the main attraction is the royal palace, locally known as the Dechencholing Palace. The palace is a three-storied building surrounded by willow trees, gardens and ponds. Marvel at the impressive traditional Bhutanese architecture. The King and his family reside here.

Bhutan is known as a happy nation, especially since it’s the only country that measures Gross National Happiness as a way to indicate the development of its people. Bhutan is fast becoming a well-known tourist hub, because who wouldn’t want to spend their holidays amidst the beautiful slopes of the Himalayas in a serene ambience dominated by Buddhist culture. If you’re ready to find the Bhutan tour that’s perfect for you, click here.