Europe is one of the most fascinating places to explore. With 44 different countries to explore from, this continent is one destination that you can visit every year for the rest of your life, and not repeat a single thing. From visiting well-known attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome, to exploring the Acropolis of Athens, the list of the things that you can do is endless. But it is the endlessness of this list that can actually be intimidating for first-time visitors. Where should you go, and what if you miss out on something?

The best way to address this fear is to go in for a Europe tour. With a tour, you are assured of covering all the well-known attractions, and also have the benefit of having a tour guide with you at all times, to help you through the centuries of history, strife and culture. That being said, there are many elements in a Europe tour that may not cover the places that you’ve seen or heard of, and may want to visit. That’s where you can decide to customize your tour package, to suit your travel wants. So, which places should you add to the list, this being your first time visiting the continent. Don’t let not having an answer to this stress you out; we have the perfect list for you!

1. Watch the sun set from the Piazzale Michelangelo: A short 20-minute walk away from Florence’s city centre is Piazzale Michelangelo. Offering visitors one of the most breath-taking views, the venue also offers you the best place in Italy to watch the sun set. You can also find one of the city’s ‘Fake Davids’ here, which is also a must-have in any Europe tour.

2. Enjoy choir singing in Westminster Abbey: If you visit London, you have to take time out for a visit to one of the city’s most famous attractions. While the entry price of 16 euros may seem steep, you can leave your visit till 5:30pm in the evening, when you will not be expected to pay anything. In addition, you will also be treated to the lovely sounds of the Abbey’s choir.

3. Jump of the rocks at the ‘Hole in the Wall’: The ‘Hole In The Wall’, also called the “Café Buja’ is one of Dubrovnik’s best known bars. Just 5 minutes away from the Placa, which is the city’s main thoroughfare. The ‘Hole In The Wall’ is also well known for the rocks beside it, that are perfect for jumping off into the sea. Now, that’s what I call the ultimate addition to your Europe tour.

4. Take a walk through the Prague Castle grounds: The Prague Castle is one of the city’s best attractions, with a glorious view of the Czech capital, as well as the River Vlatva. Certain parts of the castle require you to pay for entry, like the Golden Lane and St. Vitus’ Cathedral. However, you are not charged for walking in the castle grounds. You should try to time your trip to coincide with the elaborate changing of the guide, which happens at noontime every day.

5. Conquer Arthur’s Seat: For views that will go into the annals of your memory, you should climb Arthur’s seat. This is the main peak in the Holyyood Park, which you can reach by walking to the bottom of the Royal Mile, which itself is the remains of an extinct volcano. You can complete the climb in just under an hour, depending on your physical fitness.