A tour package is nothing short of a genie saying your wish is my command in organising all your travel needs right from your airplane tickets, your local conveyance, hotel accommodations, restaurant and shopping vouchers to a guide who speaks your language and places of interest and exclusive activities.

With growing interest in travel, there are tour packages tailored keeping in mind age groups, interests, budget and duration of the holiday. Travel management companies design multiple packages for the same destination keeping in mind the diversity of travellers. For instance, for the same destination Rishikesh there would be a package for spiritual travellers and a package for adventure-seekers.

With travel management companies easing the burden of contacting and researching multiple vendors for a holiday, going on a vacation has become a pleasurable experience. Tour packages are carefully planned, and there would always be one that meets your needs. The beauty of a tour package is that right from the minute you step out of your homes to the minute you return, you are chaperoned and made to feel like an important guest wherever you visit.

Some things to consider before booking a tour package is read the fine print thoroughly to make sure of the inclusions and exclusions, look up reviews of the resorts suggested, look up the attractions mentioned are popular ones, the itinerary is not too crammed and allows for some free and easy time. It is best to book a tour package from a reputed travel management company.

Some of the popular tour packages are group tour packages to destinations such as Kashmir, Rajasthan, which cater to family groups with activities catering to all members young and old. There are also tour packages catering to solo travellers who want to do some soul searching or make new friends to destinations such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand. Spiritual tour packages catering to pilgrims is one of the most popular for destinations such as Amarnath, Kailash Mansarovar, Tirupati. There are also tour packages designed for specific occasions or festivals such as Durga Puja or Ganesh Navratri to destinations where these are celebrated most. There are also adventure tour packages offering adventurous activities in hilly terrains, deserts or jungles such as Ladakh, Rajasthan. There are also season specific tour packages such as monsoon specific packages to Ooty or Coorg. Tour packages are also designed keeping couples in mind with romantic itineraries to destinations such as Shimla or Kerala. The latest trend in tour packages which are selling like hot cakes are the women only packages to exotic locations such as Nainital, Dharamshala, Goa, wildlife sanctuaries.

It is thus evident that there is always a tour package available or can be tailored to suit your travel needs. Just pick the one you want and leave the rest to the travel management company. Whether you want to travel solo or with travel mates, a tour package is your solution to having a great travel experience in an unknown land.